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Pro Enviro established to provide for a broad range of environmental and legal services as a “one stop” - where every possible need in the fields of development and or environment could be satisfied.

These services range from applications for special consent, rezoning and town planning to civil or criminal litigation and include environmental impact assessments, auditing, permitting, environmental rectification applications, wetland delineations and environmental management or rehabilitation plans.

Our services are aimed at developments such as: Wedding venues, retirement villages, private schools, township establishments, guest houses, eco estates, lodges, filling stations, warehousing, industrial parks, pig / poultry / cattle / fish farming, abattoirs, feedlots (cattle / sheep / pigs), runways and the construction of dams, canals, channels and bridges.


Pro Enviro is based in Pretoria with a satellite office in Heidelberg, Gauteng.

Our services are however not restricted to Gauteng and many of our clients are situated in other provinces such as Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga and even in the Western Cape. 


Our mission is to provide prompt, professional and quality services as a “one stop” where the client’s needs – irrespective of what it may be – is fulfilled in the interest of the environment and sustainable development. 


Pro Enviro is owned by Advocate Douw Venter who is a seasoned enviro-legal specialist with more than 30 years legal experience and an in-depth knowledge of environmental legislation.

In his career, he has specialized in various fields, ranging from town planning to criminal / civil litigation and held the position of Director : Criminal Investigations and Prosecution at the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD), where he created and headed this unit which forms part of the "Green Scorpions".

His desire to assist the public – whether it be the entrepreneur or huge industry – in this complex field, motivated him to establish Pro Enviro which, today, has made a dream come true. His dream was, simply put, to become your “brother in environmental law” !




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