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Town Planning Services

The following services are offered and reflect situations most often encountered by property owners.

Township establishment is the process of turning agricultural land into township land such as residential / mixed townships or even eco estates.

Rezoning is the process of amending town planning scheme conditions pertaining to a particular property.

Business rights (commercial) can be obtained by means of rezoning.

Subdivision is the process of dividing a single property into two or more portions.

Consent Use procedure is followed when a town planning scheme specifically provides for certain uses with the consent of the local authority.

Removal of Restrictive Conditions is often required to rid a property of certain inflexible encumbrances written into the title deed in order to allow for development.

Land use controls include legislation (environmental and town planning), town planning schemes and title conditions that indicate to a property owner what he can or cannot do with or on his property.

Registration of Servitude is the procedure of securing a right in favour of a third party over a particular property for instance a ESKOM servitude.

Registration of Property Ownership is done in the Deeds Office.

Expropriation is the procedure available to a local, provincial or national authority to obtain ownership of property or certain rights over property.

Proclamation is an alternative procedure available to a local, provincial or national authority to obtain certain rights over property, such as roads.





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